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New website to support multilingual students with English language skills and more

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Minnesota English Language Program has developed a comprehensive new website to support multilingual students with their language development and communication skills while they are students at the University of Minnesota. Resources include help with speaking, vocabulary, reading, US culture, confidence, and campus resources.

The website can be found here.


Building belonging: the CLA Staff of Color Community

Monday, November 12, 2018

by Deane Morrison

It’s been a year since Laura Dawis posed a question that resonated throughout the College of Liberal Arts.

“I asked if there was a community in CLA to support staff of color,” says Dawis, a CLA human resources consultant.

There was not, so she, along with two other women, decided to start one. 

“The idea came from the simple need to belong,” Dawis explains. “The need to belong in a workplace where we feel valued and respected. 

News and Information

Understanding a changing landscape: the transgender student experience at UMN

Monday, November 12, 2018

Before classes start for the school year, Andy, a senior at the University of Minnesota, emails their professors to ensure their name and pronouns are respected. But this isn’t always effective.

“Every time I introduce myself, because of how politicized my identity is and how polarizing it is — immediately, in everyone’s mind, politics and religion [are] brought up,” said Andy, who preferred to not be identified by their last name to avoid being outed to their family.

Andy identifies as nonbinary — one of many identities within the transgender community.