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Questions and resources - Immigration Executive Orders and Enforcement Strategies by the Federal Government

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Update March 7: Statement on updated executive order on immigration

Karen Hanson, Executive Vice President and Provost and Meredith McQuaid, Associate Vice President and Dean, International Programs released a statement today affirming the U's support for members of the University community impacted by the new Executive Order on Immigration and plan to create a new immigration response team.

"We understand the anxiety and concern this new executive order causes for many members of our University community, and we reiterate our compassion and support for them. The University is a truly global institution, and we will continue to welcome people from around the world. We value all that they bring to our campuses and the trust they place in us for their education, employment, and training. 

To ensure that all who are affected by immigration policy changes have access to resources and support, President Kaler last week announced the creation of an immigration response team. This team will provide outreach to the greater University community on the impact of this most recent executive order, immigration regulations, and issues connected with DACA and immigration status."

Update Mar. 6: New Executive Order on Immigration

President Trump signed an updated executive order on immigration today, replacing the one issued on January 27. The executive order will go into effect on March 16, 2017. It states that citizens of six countries (Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen) will not be granted a visa to enter the U.S. for 90 days. Permanent residents, and individuals who already have a valid visa, will be allowed to enter the United States. This executive order does not apply to individuals from Iraq, unlike the previous executive order on immigration. The University continues to carefully review this executive order to understand the implications for international students, scholars, researchers, staff, and faculty. 

Mar. 3: President Kaler announces new immigration response team

In his State of the University address on March 3, President Kaler announced the formation of a campus immigration response team :

“It’s a collaborative effort with many Twin Cities campus and system-wide partners, including our Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, the Office for Equity and Diversity, the Office for Student Affairs, University Relations, Office of Human Resources and the Provost's Office. The Provost and I are committed to ensuring that all who are affected by any immigration policy changes will have a clear and accessible path to resources and support, and to get their questions answered in a timely fashion. We will also provide outreach to the greater University community on issues around immigration, DACA, and diversity. The Provost and I are committed to identifying resources, including a dedicated website and reallocating staff and funding as needed, to support this important work. Look for further announcements soon as we work urgently to get this team in place.”