Amineh Safi's Remarks at 2017 Humphrey School Commencement

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Amineh Safi is a Syrian-French-Muslim-American who is active on campus and in the community as a champion of diversity, equity and civil rights. She has spoken frequently about Islam to help counter inaccurate and misleading portrayals of Muslims in the media and popular culture. She earned a BA in psychology and political science in 2014 from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, and received her Master of Public Policy degree at the Humphrey School commencement ceremony Saturday [May 13, 2017]. 

Safi, whose family moved to the Twin Cities metro area in 2002, was chosen by her fellow graduates to deliver the student commencement speech. Safi said her goals are to work with government officials and agencies to improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, and to encourage more Muslims to get involved in the political process.

Here is an excerpt from her powerful speech:

"When people tell you that you are not good enough, when they constantly doubt your intelligence and capabilities, when they get intimidated by your presence around them, let your self confidence shine higher than their ignorance of you. Remind yourself that just like all other human beings, you bleed red, breathe the same air, and were created by a God that cares not for the color of your skin or physical appearance, but one who cares about the piety of your heart. The holiness of your life and being is a God-given entitlement that no one—no teacher, no cop, and no president—can take away from you. Hold onto that."

Read her full remarks on the Humphrey School website.


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