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Apply for a campus climate micro-grant

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Now in its third year, the campus climate micro-grants are an opportunity for members of the Twin Cities campus community to be awarded funding to advance campus climate. The theme this year is “fostering understanding, building solidarity and community” to encourage two or more groups (e.g. departments, collegiate units, student groups, etc.) to work collaboratively on projects to enhance the campus climate. Micro-grant awards will be between $500-$1000 grants.

Who Can Apply:
Faculty, staff or students on the Twin Cities campus who are interested in improving campus climate and have projects that fit the theme and are collaborative. The goal of the campus climate initiative is to create a campus community where everyone is welcomed, treated with respect, and has the opportunity to succeed.

Funding Priorities:
Grants will be awarded to existing or new projects to improve campus climate, that focus on the following themes:

1. Stretching the Dialogue: This may include hosting an event, conversation or virtual space that allows for an exchange about a particular issue that impacts campus climate, especially among marginalized communities.

2. Increasing Campus Competency: In order to address issues of diversity, these may be opportunities for students, staff or faculty to provide training within their areas to talk about overcoming the gaps of knowledge and/or skills that are a barrier to becoming inclusive, welcoming and respectful to all.

3. Increasing Access and Equity of Marginalized Populations: Exploring ways that shifts in practice or policy could be made in how we address increasing access and equity. The ideas could also center the conversation about knowledge and cultural capital that the campus loses when access and equity to marginalized communities is not fully realized.

4. Reaching Communities Beyond the Campus: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus sits in the midst of neighborhoods that have been historically marginalized. How do we as a campus interact and engage with the neighborhoods? How do we engage students, staff and faculty who may live and/or belong to the surrounding communities and what are the goals that could be mutually beneficial.

More information and the application can be found here. Applications are due by Dec. 1.

If you have questions about this opportunity, contact

Information about the projects that were awarded funds last year can be found here.

The Campus Climate Micro-Grants are a project of the Campus Climate Engagement Team. Funds for the grants are provided by the Office of President Eric W. Kaler.


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