Art of Healing: Women of Color in Health & Social Services

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wed. April 19, 5:30-8:30 pm, Community University Health Care Center, 2001 Bloomington Ave S, Mpls. Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Food at 5:30pm, Workshop from 6-8:00pm
Local public transportation: Bus lines 2, 9, 14, Green Line LRT

The Art of Healing Collective is holding a workshop for women of color (cis and trans) who are students, staff or faculty of health and social services professions!

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We are living in times that are difficult, particularly for marginalized peoples, some of whom are also (importantly) working and studying to be healers and service providers. Many self-identified women of color are struggling to cope with the outpouring of hate, experiences of trauma, stress, harm, and un-wellbeing. Our bodies respond to the weight of this emotional complex, manifesting pain in different ways.

How can we in the health and social service professions imagine our own individual and collective healing at such a time? What kind of bodily experiences and embodiments of community are supportive? What stories of collective and personal healing are important to revisit? In working through these questions, we hope to create a space for reflection and connection that strengthens care of self and community and expands circles of accountability.

Co-facilitated by Dr. Madhuri Shors, Dr. Roli Dwivedi and Professor Ananya Chatterjea

This workshop is part of a larger project entitled Art of Healing: Embodied Storysharing as Resistance and Praxis, which brings together perspectives from Gender/Women/Sexuality Studies, Psychiatry and Family Medicine, Dance, Communication Studies, Interior Design, and Social Work to produce an embodied, social justice agenda for research focused on how healing and resistance is fostered by women and girls from global communities of color.

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