CORE 2025

Friday, April 1, 2016

CORE 2025 or C2025 is an early outreach, high-touch cohort pipeline program with the objective of building a larger pipeline of academically prepared, college-ready multicultural students. As the state’s land grant research university, we believe the University of Minnesota has a responsibility to educate andprepare the state’s future thought leaders in business and industry, across multiple fields. In order to meet Minnesota’s future workforce needs, we must ensure that U of M graduates represent the growing diversity of the population of our state. Minnesota’s K-12 population is increasingly diverse and therefore a natural pipeline for the university. However, given the significant educational disparities between White students and multicultural students, there is a challenge that we must overcome in order to ensure all future U of M students are prepared to succeed at the collegiate level. In order to do this, the University will launch a new initiative to develop a pipeline of highly prepared multicultural students from our home state.
Who we're looking for...

CORE 2025 is actively seeking current eight graders from multicultural, first-generation, and under-resourced backgrounds in Minneapolis/St. Paul Public schools who enjoy learning, show a high level of motivation, and who are seeking support on their path to college. Online Application (Extended to Friday, April 8th at 3:00pm). 

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