Discovery of Self: Clemesha Jámilah Grayer

Thursday, March 29, 2018

by Selenda Thor 

Focused, motivated, and curious about the people around her, Clemesha Jámilah Grayer has the world at her fingertips as she studies the human experience. Grayer, a 2017 UMN graduate, is from Chicago, Illinois, and double-majored in Chicano & Latino studies and gender, women & sexuality studies (GWSS). 

Grayer found her passion in a women’s studies course she took in high school, becoming intrigued by the storytelling, narratives, and human experiences she encountered in that class. “I knew that I wanted to get into something that I was interested in, but was also very relevant to me . . . to find out more about myself and about the world around me.” Grayer explains.

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