The Diversity Within (A Campus Interfaith Workshop)

Thursday, November 9, 2017
Friday, Nov. 10, 3-5:30 pm, 219 Appleby Hall
You are being cordially invited to a special workshop hosted by the University YMCA in partnership with the Office of Equity and Diversity and Interfaith Youth Core. This workshop is aimed mainly towards students and is open to staff and faculty as well who have interest in learning more about how interfaith effects our campus community and the history of the University in the this respect.

The workshop will cover topics ranging from the history and context of religion in a public domain to individual experiences on campus with spirituality to how religious, spiritual, and humanist identities intersect with other social identities (differing abilities, race, gender, sexuality) in order to shape power and privilege.

As students and general members of this campus it is important that we recognize the impact that the Universities diversity has on our community and how it shapes our experience. This will be a workshop lead by Dr. Shakeer Abudullah, the Assistant Vice President, Office for Equity and Diversity along with Wendy Plager, Education and Program Manager, Office for Equity and Diversity. Join us for discussion, food and an opportunity to exchange experience and network with one another. There will be lunch provided for all attendees.

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