Editorial Guidelines for News and Perspectives Pieces on the Campus Climate Website

The Campus Climate Website aims to provide a forum for diverse views related to campus climate at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.

  • Effort will be made to find or write pieces with differing, balanced points of view around controversial issues.
  • Stories will also be sought out to reflect the hard work and progress going on at the U to address campus climate.
  • Perspectives pieces are the views and opinions of their authors and do not necessarily reflect any official position of the University of Minnesota. They can include content that is both positive and critical of climate-related news, issues, and events occurring at the U.

The Campus Climate Workgroup maintains editorial control of this moderated discussion forum and many not post every submission received. For example:

  • Please be respectful and thoughtful when submitting posts.
  • No news, events or stories related to union organizing activities or that are part of a University investigatory process will be published per guidelines from the Office of Human Resources, Office for Student Affairs, and the Office of the General Counsel.
  • Protests will not be promoted ahead of time, but news coverage post-protest may be included on the site.

Before posting stories about significantly controversial issues, they will be vetted through the appropriate senior leaders in the Campus Climate Workgroup.