Let's Talk About It! A four night dialogue series

Thursday, March 5, 2020


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You are invited to attend Let’s Talk About It, a 4 night dialogue series at 1801 University Ave SE (UY) sponsored by the University Y Achievers program.

Join Hmong Professionals as they journey through conversations with us on the following topics:

Together, Let's Cope!: Facilitated by Mai Khou Yang and Tsua Xiong – Monday, April 6th 5-7PM, 3rd Floor U

Come share an evening of thought-provoking, collaborative discussion and learning on mental health issues affecting young adult college students.

Hmongmentalk Podcast: Facilitated by Bruce Yang, XP Lee, Sheeso Moua – Tuesday, April 7th 5-7PM, 3rd Floor UY

Let’s talk about something you don’t hear much about, Hmong male college experiences.

Digital Story Cloth Podcast: Facilitated by Xia Xiong, Kabao Xiong – Wednesday, April 8th  5-7PM, 3rd Floor UY

Digital Story Cloth is a podcast hosted by two passionate sisters who aim to strengthen the collective understanding of Hmong history, culture, and identity by facilitating open and honest conversations about real struggles and challenges that we face today in the 21st century 

Story Stitch, Greencard Voices: Facilitated by Julie Vang – Thursday, April 9th, 4:30-6:00PM, 3rd Floor UY

It is more important than ever to confront individual bias and build empathy so that all people can contribute to our communities and thrive. First-person storytelling facilitates understanding and empathy more effectively than mere fact propagation alone.

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  • a flyer describing the event


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