Letter: UMN-Twin Cities NPHC and MGC joint response to Sept. 10 article: The mysterious Greek initiations of MGC and NPHC

Monday, September 18, 2017


Sunday, Sept. 10, an article was published titled “The mysterious Greek Initiations of MGC and NPHC.” We, the membership of the Multicultural Greek (MGC) and National Pan-Hellenic Councils (NPHC), wish to express our disappointment in the narrative this article creates about our communities. While the article was intended to be an educational piece on the unique nature of pursuing membership within our councils’ chapters, it instead cast a negative light on our practices, utilizing damaging and inaccurate language all while “othering” our organizations within the context of fraternity/sorority life at the University of Minnesota.

The tone that your article employed served to make MGC and NPHC seem separate from, and frankly less legitimate than, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council (PHC) organizations within our fraternity/sorority community. Yes, it is true that all four of our councils are independent of one another with unique practices and traditions. It is also true that our community has worked and continues to work towards our stated vision of “Four Councils. One Community.” Articles that reinforce misconceptions about the standing of chapters and councils within our community run counter to our vision and diminish the work that we do individually and collectively.

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