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MSA launches “It Ends Here” campaign against sexual misconduct

Thursday, April 12, 2018

On April 10 MSA launched “It Ends Here,” a campaign that urges everyone on campus to speak up when faced with, or witnessing, any form of sexual misconduct, and to listen to, rather than dismiss, victims’ accounts.

The campaign goes beyond rhetoric; it is organized around themes with suggestions for action and dealing with situations that may arise. For example, under “Consent and healthy relationships” it offers advice on how to be sure that consent has been granted and lists warning signs of unhealthy relationships. And under “Holding perpetrators accountable” it shows men in particular what they can do to prevent or interrupt sexual assaults.

The campaign also aims to bring to light voices that have been historically excluded from the narrative.

"The It Ends Here campaign is an all encompassing and inclusive campaign to spread awareness about the issue of sexual assault on college campuses," says Mina Kian, co-chair of MSA's Sexual Assualt Taskforce, which led the creation of the campaign. "It promotes healthy relationships and the process of obtaining consent, advocates for believing survivors, encourages bystander intervention, informs students of their rights and resources, and includes communities that historically haven’t been included in the conversation. In the future, the hope is that the campaign will educate our students in understanding consent and empower them to stand against sexual violence."

MSA will hold a workshop April 18 on how to report sexual assaults. Other upcoming events are listed on their Facebook page.

The University will expand the work of this campaign in the fall, part of the President's Initiative to Prevent Sexual Misconduct.

Read more about the campaign.



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