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New Survey Identifies Health Issues Affecting College Students and Academic Success

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Boynton Health Service of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMTC) today released the 2015 College Student Health Survey identifying health and health-related behaviors affecting college students and their academic success. The survey found more students have access to health insurance, fewer use tobacco and high-risk drinking rates continue to drop—although it remains a problem. Mental health continues to be the number one public health issue on campus, and there has been an increase in the number of women who reported they have been a victim of sexual assault.

“University of Minnesota students demonstrated they have the talent to be successful here. When they aren’t successful, it is often because of a variety of issues that may impact them: mental health problems, alcohol use, illness, injuries or other challenges life brings them,” said Danita Brown Young, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. “The College Student Health Survey helps us understand how we can make the University of Minnesota a healthy environment for all students. In the Office of Student Affairs, we are here to help students connect, engage, and grow both intellectually and in their personal lives, which benefits everyone in our community.”

Read the full news release here.


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