Trivia Around the World

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wed. April 26, 5-8 pm, Whole MusicClub, Coffman Union.

Travel. Taste. Trivia!
Join the fun and play some trivia about global and international cultures with your fellow U of M students! What better way to take a break from studying for finals?

FREE DINNER! Afro Deli, Wally's, La Loma, and Chimborazo!
Performances by Minnesota Kpop Dance Crew and Minnesota Junoon!
Oh also...$25 Amazon gift cards for winning team members...per game! (Psst there's 4 games, you do the math)

RSVP here:
Sign up with friends if you would like to be on the same team, but everyone should fill out a RSVP!

Facebook event.


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