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U finds ties to mentors, families help keep at-risk kids in school

Monday, October 12, 2015

The middle school and high school students who Jerome Graham mentors face an uphill battle to make it to graduation. He's the project coordinator for the Map Project, which reaches out to young people held in Ramsey County juvenile correction facilities to try to keep them in school. Graham is in the middle of a four-year grant that's allowed the program to hire on staff for an intensive mentoring program that aims to try to keep these kids going to school. The program called Check & Connect, developed 25 years ago by Sandy Christenson, an educational psychology professor at the University of Minnesota, along with former University President Robert Bruininks, utilizes lots of data about the academic and attendance challenges the student has faced. But at the heart of the program is an intensive relationship built among the mentor, the student and their family. Read the NPR story


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