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University response to White Student Union Facebook page

Monday, November 23, 2015

The University of Minnesota is aware of a trend in the past few days of anonymous Facebook pages created ostensibly on the behalf of students at major Universities across the nation. A page purporting to represent students at the University of Minnesota, "A White Student Union for the University of Minnesota," was created sometime over the weekend, even though no students at the University appear to be identified with this group. This anonymous page appears to have been created for inflammatory purposes by outsiders, and the University of Minnesota has asked Facebook to remove it. The page is deceptive, anonymous, and has not been posted by or reflects the opinions of students at the University of Minnesota.

Further, the page misrepresents the University and our core commitments to diversity and the creation of a respectful University climate. The Facebook posters behind the page are perhaps exercising their free speech, although they are doing so by hiding anonymously behind their deceptive postings. The University of Minnesota has asked Facebook to remove this page as a way of exercising our free speech in return, while restating our commitment to diversity and respect, and asking that dialogue be done in an open, respectful, and accountable manner.


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