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Students seek expansion of paratransit

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
University of Minnesota students with disabilities sometimes have to book paratransit shuttles two weeks in advance to be sure they’ll make it to class. And although the Student Senate passed a resolution calling on University officials to expand paratransit services in April, no changes are planned, which has some student leaders upset about the lack of response. Read the Minnesota Daily story.


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Staff CLA

One place where we need Para-transit expanded is to the West Bank Office Build (WBOB). That campus building is not served by Para-transit at this time. That was a questionable choice before, but since Training Services was relocated to WBOB, disabled staff and faculty members can not reach that building without a car. Even with public transportation, which I can not use, the building is located over four blocks from the nearest bus stop. And we require almost all individuals born outside the US to go to WBOB to complete their I9 verification when hired by a U department. If we are going to talk about expanding Para-transit, can we first talk about providing rides to all of the University's buildings? I'd think that would be the minimum requirement, wouldn't you? Thank you.

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Staff PTS

Hatchell, thank you for bringing up this concern. Within the last year, Parking and Transportation Services added the WBOB building to the Paratransit reservations system. If you use the phone appointment line (612-624-8338), then you just need to give the dispatcher your information. If you use the online version, then you need to know this key detail. Because we needed a way for the online system to allow enough time for the trip, it needed to be added to the start/end drop-down menus for the St. Paul campus (not West Bank). I realize the confusion that causes, but I hope this is helpful!


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