‘We all belong here’ campaign launches

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A new campaign, “We all belong here,” launches on the Twin Cities campus on Monday, January 30, to support our University values and aspirations to be a welcoming campus where everyone is treated with respect, equity and inclusion are nurtured, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

The campaign involves five messages, with actions steps everyone can take to improve our climate. It also promotes the Bias Response and Referral Network and reporting incidents of hate and bias experienced or witnessed on campus.

Here are images of the five posters that will be posted across campus: 


  • Our differences drive our greatness. We all belong here.
  • Respect everyone every day. We all belong here.
  • Rise above intolerance. We all belong here.
  • Stand up to injustice. We all belong here.
  • Strive to be inclusive. We all belong here.

Digital signs will also carry the message and social media messages have been created for use on Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign was collaboratively conceived by the Campus Climate Engagement Team and Bias Response and Referral Network and brought to to life by University Relations.

If you would like more information about this campaign, including how to order posters and other images, contact


University Affiliation: 
Graduate Student

Grateful for this campaign. Shared and very supportive. Thank you!

University Affiliation: 
Undergraduate Student

This is exactly what our campus needs right now. Thank you for starting this campaign --- I hope it leaves a lasting impact. As the imagery says (and as we all know to be true), our differences drive our greatness. Ski-U-Mah!

University Affiliation: 

I love this!! Wish I could post some of the chalk messages inscribed on the sidewalks on the St. Paul campus right after the election last November. It inspired me and gave me hope, just like this campaign. Rock on. Shared.


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