America the Beautiful?: Perspectives on Race, Otherness, and Resistance Movements

Friday, September 25, 2015

On Oct. 5 from 12-1 pm, a courageous and critical conversation will take place on Northrop Plaza featuring local activists, educators and thought leaders examining these issues, as well as how they affect our own Twin Cities and Minnesota communities. Katrice Albert, Vice President for Equity and Diversity, will serve as moderator for this panel, which kicks off the 2nd Annual Greater Than 7 Week. Panelists are Melvin Carter, Jr., retired St. Paul Police Sergeant and co-founder of Save our Sons; Duchess Harris, Professor and Chair, Macalaster College Department of American Studies; Ricardo Levins Morales, artist, activist, and owner of RLM Art Studio; and Abeer Syedah, University of Minnesota student in political science, and Vice President, Minnesota Student Association. 

Race, in our current cultural moment, is a topic that is connected to many important national concerns. While police brutality, the criminal justice system, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement may be at the forefront for many, issues such as sex trafficking in indigenous communities, the murders of trans* women of color, and the significant levels of incarceration of black and brown men with mental illnesses are also top of mind.

Monday, October 5, 2015 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Northrop Plaza

Sponsored by the Office for Equity and Diversity, Coca-Cola, and TCF Bank


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