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Apply for a Campus Climate Micro-grant!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Now in its fourth year, the Campus Climate Micro-Grants are an opportunity for members of the Twin Cities campus community to be awarded funding for new or existing projects to advance campus climate.

Who Can Apply:

Faculty, staff or students on the Twin Cities campus who are interested in improving campus climate and have projects that fit our funding priorities. The goal of the campus climate initiative is to create a campus community where everyone is welcomed, treated with respect, and has the opportunity to succeed. Applicants who apply must be part of a department, or student organization in order to apply. Funds will not be disbursed to an individual.

Funding Priorities:

Micro-grant awards will be between $500-$1000. Funds are limited, so the application process is becoming more competitive - last year just under half of the applications received funds. Grants will be awarded to existing or new projects that focus on these priorities:

  1. Expanding understanding: Projects that are designed to expand our collective understanding of issues that impact campus climate, especially issues affecting marginalized communities. These projects ideally focus on identities, power, privilege, and intersectionality. They may be trainings, workshops, dialogue circles, special speakers or educational campaigns.

  2. Increasing access and equity of marginalized populations: Exploring ways that shifts in practice or policy could be made in how we address increasing access and equity. The ideas could also center the conversation about knowledge and cultural capital that the campus loses when access and equity to marginalized communities is not fully realized.

  3. Improving campus climate assessment: These projects explore ways to better understand campus climate through data and analysis. This could be gathering of data that leads to developing a project, or evaluating the impact of existing practices. Ideally, these projects will enhance data-informed initiatives to inform campus climate.


Apply here for a micro-grant! Applications are due by Friday, Oct. 26.


Applications will be evaluated based on this criteria:

  • Relevance to at least one of the funding priorities

  • Potential to enhance campus climate

  • Budget

  • Timeline (applications for events that have already occurred will not be accepted)

  • Ability to carry out the project


If you have questions about this opportunity or would like help with your application, contact A member of the Campus Climate Engagement Team will be in touch with you.


Definitions for some terms used in this application.


Information about the projects that were awarded funds last year can be found here.


The Campus Climate Micro-Grants are a project of the Campus Climate Engagement Team. Funds for the grants are provided by the Office of President Eric W. Kaler.


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