Office for Student Engagement - Multicultural Student Engagement

Monday, October 12, 2015

Office for Student Engagement, within the Office for Student Affairs, has expanded to include the Multicultural Student Engagement (MSE) unit. Multicultural Student Engagement will support an inclusive and culturally diverse environment on campus by providing programs & services that assist underrepresented students in developing global competency and making connections between their academic and co-curricular experiences.

MSE goals include: provide opportunities for all students to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of diverse populations; support the personal and professional development of multicultural students; develop programs and services that support and retain multicultural students to graduation; and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students.

MSE is committed to serving all University of Minnesota students in myriad ways. One such way is through our strong support and advisement of several student groups. These include:

  • Cultural Centers (Black Student Union, La Raza, Al-Madinah Student Cultural Center, Disabled Student Cultural Center, Queer Student Cultural Center, Minnesota International Student Association, Asian Student Union, American Indian Student Cultural Center, Feminist Student Activist Collective)
  • Registered Multicultural Student Organizations
  • Minnesota Multicultural Recruitment Society (in partnership with the Office of Admissions)
  • Student Campus Climate Engagement Advisory Group

More information: or Anise Mazone


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